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dynamic competition

A Capabilities Framework for Dynamic Competition: Assessing the Relative Chances of Incumbents, Start-Ups, and Diversifying Entrants

2023 - Management and Organization Review

Exploring the structure of internal combustion engine and battery electric vehicles: implications for the architecture of the automotive industry

2023 - Industrial and Corporate Change

Functional Knowledge v.s. Strategic Knowledge: What Type of Knowledge Matters Most For The Long-Term Performance Of Startups

2022 - Management and Organization Review
The Rise of China's Digital Economy: An Overview

2022 - Management and Organization Review
China Innovation Capacity Growth Index 2015 and 2020

2021 - Management and Organization Review

What Enables a Chinese Firm to Create New-to-the-World Innovations? A Historical Case Study of Intrafirm Coopetition in the Instant Messaging Service Sector

2021 - Strategy Science
A Dynamic Perspective on Huawei

2021 - Management and Organization Review
Historical methods in the social sciences: Commentary on Schoemaker 2020

2020 - Futures & Foresight Science
The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in India

2019 - Management and Organization Review
What Does the Success of Tesla Mean for the Future Dynamics in the Global Automobile Sector?

2018 - Management and Organization Review
More Exploration and Less Exploitation: Cultivating Blockbuster Papers for MOR

2017 - Management and Organization Review

The Critique of Empirical Social Science: New Policies at Management and Organization Review

2016 - Management and Organization Review

Using Simulation Experiments to Test Historical Explanations:
The Development of the German Dye Industry 1857-1913

2016 - Journal of Evolutionary Economics
Research Policy 2
The Role of Home Country Demand in the Internationalization of New Ventures

2015 - Research Policy
                      management team
Who Matters More? The Impact Of Functional Background And Top Executive Mobility On Firm Survival

2015 - Strategic Management Journal
                        Library Columbia
Deepening the Conversation Between Business History and Evolutionary Economics

2015 - Business History
Reflections on Choosing the Appropriate Level of Abstraction in Social Science Research

2014 - Management and Organization Review
How Fast Can Firms Grow?

2014 - Journal of Economics and Statistics
The Co-develoment of Industrial Sectors and Academic Disciplines

2013 - Science and Public Policy

Colors in
The Coevolution of Industries and Important Features of their Environments

2013 - Organization Science
Successful Entrepreneurs Minimize Risk

2013 - Australian Journal of Management

China Provice
Regional Institutions, Ownership Transformation, and Migration of Industrial Leadership in China: the Case of the Chinese Synthetic Dye Industry, 1978–2008

2012 - Industrial and Corporate Change

Constructing Relational Databases to Study Life Histories on Your PC or Mac

2010 - Historical Methods

Alternative Paths to Competitive Advantage: A Fuzzy-Set_Analysis of the Origins of Large Firms

2009 - Industry and Innovation

Automatic Coding of Printed Materials

2007 - International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing

Toward a Systematic Framework for Research on Dominant Designs, Technological Innovations, and Industrial Change

2006 - Research Policy

Ernst Abbe’s Scientific Management: Theoretical Insights from a Nineteenth-Century Dynamic Capabilities Approach

2005 - Industrial and Corporate Change

Evolutionary Thought in Management and Organization Theory at the Beginning of the New Millennium

2003 - Journal of Management Inquiry


Bringing Managers into Theories of Multimarket Competition: CEOs and the Determinants of Market Entry

2003 - Organization Science

Comparing Evolutionary Dynamics Across Different National Settings: The Case of the Synthetic Dye Industry, 1857-1914

2001 - Journal of Evolutionary Economics

Knowledge and Competitive Advantage in the Synthetic Dye Industry, 1857-1914: The Coevolution of Firms, Technology, National Institutions in Great Britain, Germany and the United States

2000 - Enterprise & Society

Competition in a Multipoint Environment: The Case of Market Exit

1997 - Organization Science