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Research In Progress

How can Small Economies Create Globally Competitive Firms in New High Tech Industries? ARC Discovery Grant, $187,000 (With Deepak Sardana)

New-to-the-World Innovations in China (With  Jing Zhu)

Development of Energy Technologies (Solar, Wind, etc.)

Evolution of the Advertising Industry (With Sekou Bermiss)

Development of the Chinese Synthetic Dye Indusry (With Hong Jiang)

The Role of Patents in Industrial Evolution



Working Papers

Conducting Simulation Experiments to Test Historical Explanations: The Historical Development of the German Dye Industry 1857-1913 (With Thomas Brenner) 

Deepening the Conversation between Business History and Evolutionary Economics

Reflections on Choosing the Appropriate Level of Abstraction in Social Science Research.

Many other papers are currently under review and hence not listed here

 Research Lecture Case Studies