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China's Innovation Challenge: Overcoming the Middle-Income Trap

2016 - Cambridge University Press

中 国创新的挑战:跨越中等收入陷阱 - Chinese Version of  China's Innovation Challenge: Overcoming the Middle-Income Trap

2016 - Peking University Press

Featured Book

Knowledge and Competitive Advantage: The Coevolution of Firms, Technology, and National Institutions

2003 - Cambridge University Press


Scaffolding in Economics, Management, and the Design of Technologies

 in "Scaffolding in Evolution, Culture and Cognition" (edited book)

2014 - MIT Press

Toward a Systematic Framework for Research on Dominant Designs, Technological Innovations, and Industrial Change

reprinted in "The New Evolutionary Economics", Edited by Jason Potts and Kurt Dopfer  

2014 - Edward Elgar
hisory 2

Marrying History and Social Science in Strategy Research

 in "History and Strategy", Vol 29 of Advances in Strategic Management 

2012 - Emerald Publishing

Evolutionary Thought in Management and Organization Theory at the Beginning of the New Millennium

reprinted in "The Evolution of Organizations", Edited by John Child  

2012 - Edward Elgar

Intellectual Property Rights Regimes

In "The Economics of Patents, Vol. 1", Edited by John Cantwell

2006 - Edward Elgar

2002 - Blackwell Publishers

The Entrepreneurship Dynamic:
Origins of Entrepreneurship and the Evolution of Industries

2001 - Stanford University Press

Chemicals and Long-Term Economic Growth: Insights from the Chemical Industry

1998 - John Wiley and Sons

1997 - Cambridge University Press