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Are you participating in too many meetings? Are these meetings too long? Time is money and group time costs much more money than the time of a single person. With the Meeting Meter™ you can develop an agenda and calculate the true cost of meetings while they take place. The Meeting Meter™ is a simple tool for creating more effective meetings.

You can use the Meeting Meter™ in a number of ways:

Group Meeting Management

- Raise awareness of just how expensive meetings can be. Group meetings often drag on because the participants forget that group time is more expensive than individual time. The Meeting Meter™ increases awareness of group meeting costs and thus encourages people to be more prepared and to alter their behavior during the meeting.
- Track the true cost of group discussions. When you want to encourage participants to consider whether it is worth spending more time on an issue, you can tell them how much money has already been spent on particular agenda items and the entire meeting by using the Meeting Meter™.
- Manage a work group that tends to stretch out meetings. By making the Meeting Meter™ visible to all participants, you can help the work group become more focused, effective and efficient.
- Develop effective meeting formats. Use the Meeting Meter™ to determine most effective content format and discussion flow over time. The program allows you to develop a time budget for the different items on the meeting agenda and track how well the group sticks to the budget. Save the Meeting Meter™ record of each meeting as a separate file to compare which meeting format is most effective.

Individual Project Management

- Privately track the cost of meetings and assess the effectiveness of a group in allocating time to important rather than trivial decisions.
- Use Meeting Meter™ as simple work meter and track how much time you have spent on particular tasks, using the agenda item list as a task list.

What you should remember before using the Meeting Meter™:
The Meeting Meter™ cannot make decisions for you about how much time you should spend on a particular meeting. It can only provide information about how much time and money was spent on a meeting. When large sums of money or perhaps even the future of the organization are at stake, spending a bit more time in group deliberations may be time well spent. The goal of the Meeting Meter™ is to help people have more focused, purposeful, efficient and effective meetings. It assists people in allocating less time to trivial topics and enough time to important ones. Management research has shown that individuals develop a strong sense of group identity and loyalty when they spend lots of time together. Therefore, use the Meeting Meter™ to reduce inefficient group meeting time but not the overall time that people spend together. Time spent together in a worthwhile way can allow a group to become much more effective.

How the program works

1. Enter at least one attendee and the person's hourly rate.

2. Hit the Start button. The program then commences in full screen mode.

3. To work with other programs and to turn the Meeting Meter™ into a small window, click on the small window icon in the top right corner of the screen, left to the red X.


4. To time the agenda of a meeting, you need to click on the Agenda tab of the program control window. This will bring up a window into which you can enter several numerically ordered agenda items as well as the time budget in for each item.
5. Start the program in the Agenda Mode by clicking "Start."

5. The program automatically starts timing the first agenda item. To switch the timer to the desired item, you move with the mouse over the second or later agenda item.

6. To work with other programs and turn the Meeting Meter agenda display into small window, click on the small window icon in the top right corner of the screen, left to the red x.

More information on how to use the program can be found in the program's help file.

Please email feedback or any question to meeting-meter (at)



Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why is there a registration requirement after 24 hours?

To conduct a scientific study on how innovations diffuse globally, Professor Murmann seeks to collect data on the actual diffusion pattern of a technology. To be of scientific value, the data for the study needs to be precise and accurate. This can be achieved only be tracking every user of the Meeting Meter™. In exchange for letting people use the Meeting Meter™ for free, Professor Murmann requires everyone to register after initially trying out the program. You are only being asked for data that is relevant for the scientific study. Your data will not be shared with any other party and we will not report the names of anyone in our study. We need to know your name for the study so that we can examine the referral patterns underlying the diffusion of this software technology. Please email Professor Murmann if you have privacy concerns: jp (at)

The second reason for registration requirement is that we can notify every user when an update of the program becomes available.

2. Is there a danger that the program might bring a virus onto my PC.

No. The program was certified to be virus free by CleanSoft. The link a the top of the page will allow you to download a secure program.


 CLEAN Software certified by Clean Softs Professional Association

2. Is there a version for the iPhone?
Yes. Please visit our iPhone Page or directly to the itunes shop