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Great Examples of Popular Science
Writing by Malcom Gladwell
Gladwell on how he works

Paul Krugman
(A Good Economics Writer)

Good Example of Popular Business and
Economics Writing by Glassman & Hassett

Good Writing Goes a Long Way:
The Sokal Hoax and "Social Text Scandal"

Example of a Great Book Review (New Yorker)

Notoriety versus Quality:
Hardt & Negri‚s Book „Empireš
Charles Tilly‚s Review
NY Times Review July 7, 2001

Writers on Writing
(Series in the New York Times)

Academy of Management

Business Policy & Strategy Division

Organization & Management Theory Division

Technology and Innovations Management Division

Strategic Management Society

Economic History Services

The Business History Conference

The Economic History Association

The International Economic History Association

Society for the History of Technology

Social Scientists on How They Work Services

Howard Aldrich (pdf file)

Paul Krugman

Charles Tilly

Sidney Winter on Richard Nelson

Bill Starbuck's on Academic Writing

Guru.com (Freelancer of all types)

Freelancer.com (Freelancer of all types)

Brainmaven.com (Research assistance)