October 13-October 15, 2000
Important News:

December 7: For those of you who missed Sid Winter's speech "The Evolution of Dick Nelson" at the Richard Nelson Fest, the text is now posted. You can also see two video clips from his speech. Click here to go see the videos. Don't to view the videos unless you have a high speed connection.

November 18: The conference was a spectacular event. Photos from the weekend are now posted. Click here to go to the photo tour.

October 4: Notice changes to the order of presentations on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. October 1: We will post the papers that will be presented during the conferences as soon as authors send them in. To date papers by Cohen & Malerba, Dosi, Klepper, Merges, Metcalfe, Mowery, Pack, Pavitt, Teece, Tushman, von Hippel, and Wolff have been posted. To download papers, go to the Schedule of Program and click on the title of the paper. Most papers are in Word format, some are Adobe pdf files.

Organizing Committee: Sidney Winter (Chair), Wesley Cohen, Franco Malerba, David Mowery, and Peter Murmann


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