Corporate Foresight & Forecasting


Every strategy is inherently a forecast what actions you believe will be successful in the future. My research investigates how strategists and companies can improve their foresight abilities. Perfect foresight is not possible. But even incrementally better forecasting abilities can lead significant competitive advantages. To showcase the work we are doing in this area, we have created two websites, and

China & Innovation

Since 2010, I have been studying the ability of China and its firms to develop new-to-the-world innovations. All my writings on China, including an index of China's innovative capabilities can be found here:

My Writings on China

Compelling Case Studies

I gave a keynote lecture  on "What makes compelling case studies?"  You can see it here and download slides from the lecture:      Video and Slides

Progress in AI

I inform about progress in machine learning on an AI blog.

Debating Key Ideas in Management in MOR

I became editor of the the Dialogue, Debate, and Discussion in the journal Management and Organization Review

The key goal of the section is to stimulate  debate about management topics. If you have an idea for writing a provocative essay, please get in though with me.

Examples are the debate about Tesla and the future of the auto industry or more recently the debate on the causes of China's strength in the digital economy.


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My Writings on China

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