Project on the International Synthetic Dye Industry

Organized by Johann Peter Murmann

The project aims to study the evolution of the first science based industries from 1857 to 2009.

It its first phase, the project focuses on the period from 1857 to the first World War. Ernst Homburg and Johann Peter Murmann collected a database on all firms and plants that existed before War War I. This database is now publicly available for qualified researchers to look up information on firms and plants. More information on the database and how to get access is provided here:  Synthetic Dye Industry Database

For picture on the dye industry click here.

To date, the following major publications have appeared or are in preparation.

Book Publications   Publisher
Knowledge and Competitive Advantage 2003 Cambridge University Press
Chemicals and Economic Growth: Insights from the Chemical Industry Read Review by J. Mokyr in JEL 1998 John Wiley and Sons
Paper Publications   Journal

The Coevolution of Industries and Important Features of their Environments
2013 Organization Science

The Co-development of industrial sectors and academic disciplines
Science and Public Policy
Regional institutions, ownership transformation, and migration of industrial leadership in China: the case of the Chinese synthetic dye industry, 1978–2008 2012 Industrial and Corporate Change
Comparing Evolutionary Dynamics Across Different National Settings 2001 Journal of Evolutionary Economics
Knowledge and Competitive Advantage in the Synthetic Dye Industry 2000 Enterprise & Society
Other Publications    
Chemical Industries After 1850: Essay for the Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History 2003 Oxford University Press
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