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I have become interesting in understanding development of the Chinese Economy. At present I am trying to figure what companies and sectors would be good arenas to study the development of Chinese Innovation capacity. If you are also interested in this, please contact me or simply follow my "Letters from China" or my China Blog where I announce interesting information that I come across on the development of the Chinese economy.

PH.D. Workshop in June 2015

I will participate in the 2015 ETH PhD Academy on Sustainability and Technology,  "Energy Innovation and Climate Change – The Role of Technologies, Firms and Institutions." Apply Now! 

Compelling Case Studies

I gave a keynote lecture  on "What makes compelling case studies?"  You can see it here and download slides from the lecture:      Video and Slides

Management Organization Review

I have become a senior editor of the China focused Management and Organization Review.  Details on what kind of articles I am looking for are here.

Especially useful for Chinese scholars and PH.D. students: My Reflections on Choosing the Appropriate Level of Abstraction in Social Science Research. 关于在社会科学研究中选择适当的抽象水平的反思

A book based on research presented at MOR conference "Globalization of Knowledge Creation and Innovation in the Context of Emerging Economies" will be forthcoming  in 2016 at Cambridge University Press.


AGSM - UNSW Australia Business School

Management and Organization Review



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